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Flowers and Landscapes - Landscaping services in Germantown, MD
Since 2005, home and business owners throughout the area have made Wilfredo's Landscaping Service their source for landscape design, ideas and maintenance services. From mowing to installing beautiful flowers, we do it all so you don't have to do the dirty work.
Roofing - Gutter cleaning in Germantown, MD
Keep your gutter system working properly for years to come with professional gutter cleaning services from Wilfredo's Landscaping Service. We'll remove all the debris and leaves so rainwater flows freely. For your added convenience, our landscaping contractor offers prompt power washing services to wash away years of dirt from your building or surrounding property.
Snow services - Snow Removal in Germantown, MD
As the winter weather approaches, the snow will soon follow. You won't have to worry about the fallen flakes when you make Wilfredo's Landscaping Service your source for snow removal.

Services Offered

  • Tree pruning
  • Flower planting
  • Mulching
  • Leaf removal
  • Stump removal/grinding
  • Aeration
  • Tree removal
  • Lawn mowing
  • Sod installation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Land clearing
  • Landscaping
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Fence installation/repair
  • Snow removal
Contact our landscapers from Germantown, Maryland, to request an estimate for our services so you can enjoy a picture-perfect landscape.
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About Us

From pruning trees to removing snow, our landscaping contractor based in Germantown, Maryland, does it all for local residential and commercial customers. Whether you want a new landscape design or clean gutters, you can trust Wilfredo's Landscaping Service for the job. For your convenience, our knowledgeable and reliable landscaping contractor will tailor our services to work for your needs and, more importantly, your budget.